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Executive Team Alignment

Is your Executive or Project team off track and not delivering results?

Presenting Problem
A leadership team of seven at a software company start up was in crisis, they could not function effectively and the company was losing opportunities.


  • Planned and facilitated a two hour values discussion.
  • Designed and delivered a Culture Self-awareness workshop.
  • Established a team values system that would become their baseline.
  • Instituted a culture that the Executive team could align with.
  • Revealed assumptions that had seriously affected interactions within the team.


  • Marketing Executive agreed to stay with the company.
  • Established shared values across Executive team.
  • Developed commitment to resolving issues.
  • Refocused attention on achieving the company’s goals.

Return on Investment

  • Avoided VP replacement with potential cost of $300,000 and loss of Key Executive.
  • Company moved beyond start-up stage.

Team Alignment Packages

Executive Team Alignment to Strategic Plan Tailored Full Day Intensive

Are new leaders arriving who need to deliver results immediately from a strategic plan they did not develop? Does your existing Executive team need to be re-energized around the Strategic Plan? Consider our Team Alignment service package which includes:

  • Establish objectives for team sessions.
  • Define pre-work for team sessions.
  • Structure and conduct team sessions to achieve objectives.
  • Debrief results with Executive or Senior Leader.
  • Follow-up advising to ensure alignment sticks.

Program Leadership Conflict Mediation Off-site 1 or 2 Day Retreat

Are programs or project teams mired in unresolved conflict, lack of clear direction or need revitalization which is stalling projects? Consider out Project Leader Retreats which:

  • Perform conflict mediations one on one.
  • Define session pre-work for team.
  • Structure and conduct team sessions to achieve objectives.
  • Debrief results with Executive or Senior Leader.

Additions to Packages

  • Assessments to provide objective evaluation and benchmarking of performance and Leadership Behaviors using MetaPro Profile™ or 360 Degree evaluation.
  • One on one conflict mediation to address urgent issues.