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Sales Bully to Star Performer

Presenting Problem
A key salesman for a small technical enterprise displayed aggressive behaviors intermittently over his 3-year employment period. Action was required when a co-worker gave notice and generated concern about exposure to legal action.


  • Real Change Experts was hired to correct the aggressive behavior.
  • Overcame employee’s initial resistance.
  • Applied proprietary methods to modify the employee’s pattern of interaction with internal staff to communicate effectively
  • Eliminated aggressive behaviors that triggered anxiety among staff


  • Within 30 days co-workers commented on employee’s improvement in behaviors.
  • Employee was selected as Employee of the Month 4 months later and became mentor to other employees.
  • Employee turnover was reduced.

Coaching Packages

Difficult Employee Coaching

5 sessions

Includes assessment, one on one coaching with individual and behavior modification methods, and debrief of results with client.

Performance Executive Coaching

6 months of weekly sessions

  • Assessment and administration of relevant instruments.
  • Feedback of results to inform direction of coaching.
  • Define the objectives and timelines with metrics.
  • Design and plan the coaching relationship with Executive to maximize results.
  • Conduct weekly one hour sessions. .
  • Reassess at conclusion to measure against goals and objectives.

The Mathews Approach

  • Expertise and extensive experience with conflict and behavior modification.
  • Use behavior modification methods as needed.
  • Follow-up on progress and debrief of results with client.
  • We guarantee results.