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Managment Team Conflict Resolution

Presenting Problem
The company was losing money, making customers unhappy and losing contracts due to an unsuccessful integration of two engineering test teams from a merger.


  • Conducted confidential one on ones with 15 managers to surface underlying team performance issues.
  • Completed a Qualitative Statistical analysis of the interviews to distill the fuzzy, emotionally charged responses and translate it into concrete and actionable data.
  • Led a two day off site to communicate results with the whole management team and conducted leadership skill building workshops.
  • To ensure the outcome of the off-site was sustained, conducted debrief and periodic check–in with the Director.


  • Surfaced the core issue of conflicting priorities.
  • Reduced staff meetings for 15 managers from 6 hours per week to 2.
  • Improved the quality and effectiveness of decisions.
  • Eliminated delays in project schedules through effective sharing of mission critical information.