Change Management

Your biggest asset and financial investment is your brain trust. With a thorough and practical Change Management Program, we can help you leverage the power of your staff by getting them on board as partners in the change initiative. After all, they are the ones to make it work, either with lots of resistance or with constructive support.

We know that to make lasting change that is real, people need to be involved both mentally and emotionally. They need to be engaged in a way that makes them feel that their contributions are important and valued.

We at Real Change Experts appreciate your dilemma of getting people to follow through with something as minor as adjustments in procedures and processes. What happens when you must get employees producing again when the company has just made a big adjustment, like a merger or reorganizing after a right sizing initiative? How do you get them to accelerate their productivity and get past the resistance? We have the answers to that question. Here is a hint: Some managers think that fear will keep people in line and it may work in the very short term. But employees will leave at the first opportunity, giving you a new problem. It is imperative to manage the change.

We use a Change Management methodology that begins with having a clear picture of what is needed for the project. We partner with you to be certain you get the best results for your investment of time and money.

RCE is expert in helping people to transition change when business and market demands that the business evolve. We can help: whether your change is a roll out of new task software or merging with another company or creating a highly dynamic culture. Our methods will get your employees to open up to change and become highly productive.

The RCE methodology for your Change Management project includes:

  • Client Partnering Meeting
  • Assessment and Gap analysis
  • Recommendations for change process strategies and plan
  • Establish metrics for the project
  • Employee Engagement Process
  • Change process facilitation - depending on the circumstances, this may include training, group coaching, conflict management, process improvement, etc.
  • Change Evaluation and Adjustment process
  • Anchoring Process - establish change into organizational procedures and culture
  • Accountability Process - through-out, manage the project to ensure outcomes are on track and getting the desired results
  • Follow up Process - post project assessment to gauge change outcomes