Executive Off-Site Events

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We at Real Change Experts® are highly trained and experienced at facilitating Executive Off-site events.

Our clients consistently say that we help them achieve exceptional results with our proven methods. Our flexibility and agility meet the needs of the participants, while still holding true to the purpose of the event.

We carefully structure the event to accomplish multiple objectives. We work with you to understand the goals and outcomes for the event and design an agenda to help achieve those goals. We are highly skilled at managing tense situations to keep the process moving forward. To ensure that the outcomes are documented, we provide a scribe to keep minutes and record action items.

What We Do
We provide facilitation, coordination and logistics for Executive Off- Site Events - no matter what the purpose:

  • Strategic planning
  • Problem solving
  • Goal Setting
  • Tactical planning
  • Team Building
  • Educational
  • Motivational
  • Organizational Change
  • Culture Change

We can provide professional support for any combination or all elements listed above, as well as the event planning logistics so you can focus on accomplishing your event goals.