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Implementing Strategies

How do you get the best performance from your team or company? Hands down my experiences with clients and my business have been through creating and executing specific Strategic Plans.

But, how does a manager execute the strategic plan? There are many places in an organization that it is hard to develop tactics that align with the company's strategies. For example, how does the strategic objective of hitting a revenue target relate to the logistics and procurement areas of an organization?

In some companies, a tactical plan is developed from the strategies, and specific initiatives are defined. In most organizations, this has been left off. So it is up to Directors or Managers to figure out how to implement the strategies and mission.

If you are not thinking strategically you may not see the relationship between the strategic plan and your department's initiatives.

I want to share with you a brief technique for developing a tactical plan. This is the natural progression from a particular strategic objective as defined in your company's Strategic Plan.

Technique for Developing a Tactical Plan
To make this work, you will want to be in a strategic frame of mind. Set aside 30 minutes for the process when you won't be disturbed and follow the steps below.

  1. Get clear about the vision defined in the Strategic Plan. You want to "see" a mental picture of it.
  2. Now see what the Strategic Objective will look like when it's accomplished.
  3. Envision how your part of the company contributes to making the Strategic Objective successful.
  4. Once you get that picture, get it on paper. It doesn't have to be fancy; bullet points work fine.
  5. Get your direct reports to help you flesh it out. They'll have some great ideas.
  6. Determine what indicators you should measure for success as indicators of your progress.
  7. Circle back to the Strategic Plan and do a sanity check to make sure that the Tactical Plan is aligned.
  8. If you have the safety to do so, ask a colleague or your boss to review it for anything that might be missing.

When creating specific tactics, be certain to include who will be responsible to lead the effort, milestone due dates, and the mechanism for follow up so that your team knows they will be held accountable.

Be okay with course corrections, and consider this a work in process. Make sure to track your metrics and use that information to inform daily activities.