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3 Steps to Improve Accountability

If you could rate your level of accountability to your organization - on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being lowest, what number would you give?

You might be thinking - "Is she kidding? Of course, I'm accountable - on a scale of 1 to 10, I'm at 15". How do you know? I think this is an important question because it forces us to think about what we're paying attention to. Yes, it is results oriented but that's what we're after, right? We want to improve the results that we're getting.

Perhaps you are committed at the level of 15 - but do you account for:

  • Follow through on projects
  • Where and how you spend your time and energy

The steps you're taking to stay on top of the biggest challenges
So maybe you are great at knowing the progress of all the tasks that are essential for you to meet your objectives - Excellent! How do you measure it? It's one thing to know something intuitively and it's entirely another to have hard evidence so that you can use that data to inform your decisions as well as the best way to utilize your resources of energy, people, time and money.

What to measure:
The first step is to decide on what to measure. What information do you need in order to evaluate the performance level of your organization? I call this criteria 'success indicators'. You can measure the overall performance of your organization by reviewing the revenues or how well you're meeting schedule commitments but that is a very gross measure. It doesn't tell you what is going on or why.