Leadership Article


Factors That Make People Effective

Previously it was believed that performance was the product of motivation multiplied by ability. What we know now is that trust is the exponent of that equation. This is true at the individual, team and organizational level. It would look like:

Performance = (Motivation x Ability) trust

If you consider how fast (or slow) work gets done in a low trust environment, it will become apparent that it is bogged down with a lot of bureaucracy and investigations into validity or truth of the situation. People challenge if decisions are correct. There is a lot of justification required. It is generally difficult to get through each interaction.

To increase trust in your organization start small. Step one - trust is an inside job. You must be congruent and competent within yourself, then as a leader. Others know if we're not congruent even if we have integrity and are honest. Do you walk your talk? Do you know your personal values and do you act in alignment with them?

This aspect of trust is definitely a perception and cannot be manipulated. As my father used to say - "you cannot be all of the people all of the time". We know intuitively; we sense it when someone is in alignment or not. Besides, trust is a feeling of confidence that we give. Trust yourself and do what you commit to do; by doing this, you will influence perception others have of you faster than any other thing that you can do.