Leadership Article


Managing without Authority

This is a position many a project manager finds themselves in with a complex outcome and no direct reports to make it happen. In this situation, it is critical knowing how to develop and bank social capital. People skilled at this practice base it upon loyalty in relationships, and doing favors for others and being very likable.

One other interesting thing is that many times when we ask others for help they will help just because we asked. Also, people will accept direction if we come across with authority even if we don't have it. If we explain why we need something done, most people will respond positively to the request.

Develop Social Capital

  • Be the go to person; be known as a resource.
  • Be nice and respect everyone.
  • Target your requests for help from people at lowest level in the organization as possible.
  • Be open and willing to do favors for others.
  • Ask people to help and show gratitude when they accommodate your requests.
  • Explain why when asking for support in getting something done.