Leadership Article


Managing Stress During Change

Unresolved stress, which accumulates during times of change, affects our ability to think and be effective - usually because of some fear or worry. To maintain forward momentum it's important to have a strategy to deal with fear and worry. Pushing those thoughts aside never works because they are part of our survival mechanism.

To get a grip on fear and worry here is a reframe strategy that honors your feelings and takes back control.

It's bigger in your mind - realize the worry or fear seems really big because of how you're thinking about it.

Be in the moment - unless you're in an immediate dire situation remind yourself that you are okay.

Is it that bad? - if your fears or worries were to happen what would be the worst possible outcomes? Be brief.

Of those outcomes what is most likely to happen?

If the worst does happen what can you do now to prevent, lessen or manage it?

What resources do you have that can help? What resources do you need?

Write an outline to plan for the worst.

Taking action that addresses any problem gives you a sense of control which helps to alleviate stress.