Real Team Work

Real Team Work

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Teams provide the foundation for organizational profitability, but they won't work without a common understanding of how they’re going to work together, good communication, mutual trust and a commitment to common goals.

It is not enough to just put people together, add water and think you have an effective team. What commonly happens due to a lack of a basic structure for the team to operate in is a huge waste of time and money. The team can degrade into dysfunction, schedules are blown, companies lose credibility with their customers, and crises develop - at an enormous cost to the company.

Successful teams must work together wholeheartedly, not just apply the principles of effective task processes. 

A direct correlation exists between effective communication and productivity. Communication helps build trust, trust in turn helps build a collaborative environment, a collaborative environment supports the team to leverage its genius to achieve innovations, synergies and deliver excellence.

Working with an RCE facilitator will assist your team to put in the structure they need to be a profit center rather than a money drain. 

With Real Team Work, your team will be immediately more effective. We help your team to re-calibrate and become more successful by helping them to:

  • Create clear agreements for working together
  • Develop skills for communication and conflict management
  • Build resilience individually and as a system
  • Understand and demonstrate true accountability
  • Have clear roles and strong leadership
  • Negotiate for essential support

Our tiered approach allows you to select the Real Team Work package to meet your needs. Our entry-level 2-day workshop works well for some customers, and we also offer a semi or fully customized Real Team Work workshop with additional Stakeholder and/or Key Leader pre-work.

Contact us for more information about how we can help propel your team to become highly effective. We can be reached at 408-988-2361 or

Real Team Work

Call us now at 408-988-2361 or email us if you’re ready to help your struggling team.