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Holding people accountable is one of the most difficult of all tasks for managers. Many avoid it since there is a fear of getting into a conflict. When there is an agreement in place with your work group or team it simplifies the process. When you have this accountability agreement in place then the process is already well understood and agreed to, so you don't have to be the bad guy. You only have to remind them of their agreement.

The RCE Accountability Agreement document is complete but can be used as a template. You can customize it to meet your needs. For best results, you and your team or work group collaborate to revise it to include what the team needs to be successful. The document has more specific instructions.

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Conquer Workplace Stress NOW! An Innovative System for Managing Stress
Conquer Workplace Stress Now! Book and CD
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Are you looking for some fresh ideas about how to keep your positive mindset? Are you stressed out?

At this point in time we have so many reasons for elevated stress - the worst economy in 80 years, 2 wars and great uncertainty about our employment. Add those on top of "normal" stressors we encounter as a matter of course in life, it's no wonder that doctors say that many of us are in serious danger of our mental health due to these stressors. (SF Gate June 1, 2009)

The Conquer Workplace Stress NOW! manual was developed from our "Effective Stress Management", workshop which has been delivered at many organizations including UCSC Extension, Stanford and Lockheed Martin. It includes a workbook that gives step-by-step instructions and an accompanying audio CD.

This program is designed to give optimum benefit, so not only is it useful, but sustainable and relevant too. Using the wisdom of the body through your senses, it works to increase self awareness of your stressors so you can catch them when they're small. It also provides creative techniques to help you disperse any level of stress and leads you through processes to integrate your discoveries into your lifestyle.

The accompanying instructional meditation CD includes a full body relaxation and guided meditation.