Team Building Article


Start Team Building Early

by Kevin Wilke

When do you start to create a successful and productive team on a new engagement? At the beginning, of course. On a new venture, relationship patterns develop during the proposal development process. These patterns then move forward into the contract startup phase.

Developing a proposal is a team effort. As you transition from business development into the proposal process, various managers may be responsible for the project. Communication between these managers is important. If these managers don't know how to work well together, your proposal may suffer.

As the proposal is being created, the proposal manager coordinates the process and gives various assignments to individuals. But if this team hasn't worked together before, how will they know each other's strengths and weaknesses? How will you be able to communicate effectively?

Often, you must present your team and your management approach during the proposal process.This is meant to demonstrate your team's strengths and to show that you work together effectively. When this happens, your team needs to be prepared.

A RCE Team Building Session will put your proposal and team on the right footing.

We bring all of your team members together and create clarity for crafting a winning proposal.

We facilitate and train your team to:

  • Get everyone on the same page with their expected outcomes
  • Understand the approach that is to be used
  • Clarify expectations for interactions and deliverables between all members
  • Learn everyone's individual communication styles
  • Manage conflict
  • Get them to the norming stage of team development

The results that you can expect are:

  • Greater team effectiveness
  • Quality proposals completed in less time
  • More effective use of your resources due to minimized team conflict
  • Development of a functional team who is ready for the transition stage

Tips for Proposal Team Building:

  • Create a positive and trusting environment; the team can't have any secrets
  • Clearly state what each team member (companies and individuals) brings to the table
  • Know each other strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop Rules that everyone buys into. For example:
         - Meetings start on time
         - Mute conference calls, but do not put on hold
         - Be respectful of others

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