What People are Saying

"If you're looking to get your Leadership Team together for more than an "event", call Real Change Experts. Karen works with you on both the front and back-ends to ensure you get measurable results. She listens, she understands, she makes it work for you."

Valerie Nicoletti
Executive Vice President Wells Fargo Bank

"Karen Mathews can take the results you want for your project, customize it to the team and deliver content that will fit your business or your board of directors. That is what Karen delivered to the National Association of Women Business Owner's board retreats which contributed in a large part to our chapter's overwhelming success. Thank you Karen."

Carla Cobb Davis
NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) Silicon Valley President, 2007-08
Silicon Valley Coach Federation (SCVF)

"Thanks to Real Change Experts we get more done in less time with less strain."

Bill Breeden, Lockheed Martin

"Real Change Experts' work with us has made it easier for us to work together and to be more effective."

Sherry Pulvers, IP Locks

"Real Change Experts renewed our vitality and innovativeness as an organization."

Agnes Lewis, SE Laboratories

"Karen is very intuitive and insightful and those qualities make her consulting on interpersonal relationships in the workplace absolutely invaluable. I understand that her work at one of the NASA centers helped individuals to openly communicate about unresolved tensions. Karen then used the general themes of those discussions to chart a path forward with senior management in order to facilitate better collaboration and a healthy and open dialogue between management and employees. This type of counseling is probably needed within most offices as it ultimately improves communication, cooperation and morale."

Shana Dale

"I hired Karen to present "Managing Job Search Stress" at my Job Center in Livermore. She did a wonderful job, the turnout was great, and participants really seemed to gain a sense of peace and control from her workshop. She was very professional in all interactions, arrived on time, and I would absolutely hire her again in the future. Wonderful job Karen!"

Megan Pittsley

Esther Peralez-Dieckmann

Managing Director
Office of Women's Advocacy | County of Santa Clara

* This testimonial is given by Ms. Peralez-Dieckman in her own individual capacity. The County of Santa Clara does not endorse or promote any products or services provided by Karen Mathews.

I now understand the power and motivation that comes from taking the time to get the right goals set so you’re committed to making them a reality…and the relief that comes from handing off objectives to others that they are well suited for and motivated to achieve.

Karen Mathews helped me to take the time to assess what my needs and goals are in both my career and personal life. There were so many factors that were in the way of my setting my own clear path. There were even objectives, we looked at, that I had set for myself some time back that I had left hanging out there—and was not moving towards—that made me feel ineffective every day. Karen Mathews helped me sort through the noise of what others wanted and what I thought I was supposed to work towards, so I could focus on creating my own goals.

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Agnes Lewis

HR Manager
SE Laboratories

Our company has benefited greatly because of Karen's ability to handle a variety of employment issues, as well as assist in our strategic planning sessions.

I have been asked by others to summarize where we have ended up as a company as a result of our work with Karen Mathews. What’s wrong with that question is that it assumes we’ve “ended” anywhere. What Karen enabled us to do in unison was start again, this time with a shared set of objectives and values, plus a process to come to agreements, as a team, on our work as we head into uncharted territory.

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Bill Breeden

Senior Manager of Engineering and Test Lab System
Lockheed Martin

“Thanks to Karen Mathews we get more done in less time with less strain.”

I hired Karen Mathews to help my organization to become more fully blended following a merger of two heritage companies and locations into one company with two locations. She interviewed each of the management staff, anonymously, to start, so they could feel safe to bring forward their true concerns and issues. There were more benefits with this approach than I could have predicted—my team understood I am honestly interested in knowing their perspectives. It really gave them an opportunity to be heard and to get things off their chest.

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Sherry Pulvers

HR Manager
IP Locks

With Karen Mathews we created a more supportive work environment.

Karen Mathews presents a powerful model of how individuals differ in their self-awareness and their awareness of others. In learning about how we were different, and in finding that we benefit from those differences, we came to support each other as we never had before.

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