Having a clear Vision is the key element in leadership and especially in leading a newly founded company. Many think that a vision statement is something akin to a platitude that is largely ignored. That is far from the true purpose and usefulness of the right Vision.

A meaningful Vision serves the Leadership team and all workers in the company like a compass. It helps everyone to remember where they’re going. Like a compass, it can be checked to make sure the operations and strategies that are employed are moving the business in the right direction.

It is not meant to be rigid; it can be changed at any time just like any tool. When the leadership team is paying attention to the horizon they are approaching and aware of the forces that are creating challenges, or when the business wants to evolve into something bigger or different, it makes sense to change the vision.

The purpose of a Visioning session is to:

  • Facilitate the leadership team to share their ideas about what they want
    to create
  • See what is possible to achieve
  • Synthesize those ideas to form a common and crystal clear vision.
  • Create the foundation of the business model and plan, internal brand, and strategic plan

The Visioning session is a facilitated meeting to help the key leaders of a company get a fully formed picture of the business outcomes they want to achieve. This includes the outcomes for their customers, their employees and other stakeholders. It also helps to develop the brand they want to create. It is usually the first step in a Business Plan and Strategic Plan.

Real Change Experts, using our proprietary tools, has served our clients in creating their Vision and also building excitement and engaging the whole group to set in motion the strategies to attain the Vision.

When Real Change Experts facilitates a Visioning session our clients get:

  • A clear Vision for where the Leadership Team wants to take the company in a 2 to 3 year time frame.
  • The foundation for the business case of the start up to present to potential funders.
  • The basis of the Business Plan and Strategic Plan.
  • Create the initial internal brand.
  • Facilitate the Leadership Team through the first steps to gel as a team.
  • Makes the Vision accessible as a tool to share with employees, customers and suppliers.

Our Visioning Session is a full day event. The Visioning can be added to other services such as Strategic Planning, Leadership Team Off-site or Team Building. We are happy to give you a package rate for putting services together. Call us at 408-834-9069 or email Karen to get more details.

Your company is special; why have a meaningless vision statement when you can have a skilled professional help you create a compass that guides your team to the success you want?